International FAM’s

FAM: British Airlines Group Trade FAM

Boston Portion: Monday, September 10th – Thursday, September 13th 2018 

Needs: hosted overnight accommodations with site-visits; hosted meals with site-visits

About: The group will consist of seven key decision makers within product teams at UK operators who already have Massachusetts in their program and want to showcase Boston and the Islands to assist in their product development.

Objective: To showcase Boston and the Islands to decision makers for our UK operators.

Boston and the Islands are the most inquired about destination for Massachusetts, yet most product managers have not been themselves. With an increase in airlift from the UK to Boston, we need to showcase these popular destinations in order to convert (at the front end) and market these destinations and products best.

The main objective is to showcase the destinations from sports, culinary, activity-based attractions and historical perspectives. These are the key themes trending in the UK right now, so we want to immerse product managers in the destination in order for them to expand their offerings and include new product and experiences to increase visitor numbers to the destination from the UK.

Participants: 9 total