Boston: Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Project: mass.gov
The Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail Project is a two-phased effort to restore the mile-long Charles River Reservation multi-use paths and parkland between Watertown Square and the Watertown Yacht Club along Charles River Road.

The Phase 1 project area is a 3,200-foot-long, crescent-shaped swath of parkland along the north bank of the river between Watertown Square and the Perkins School, encompassing 12 acres.  It includes a Braille Trail and Sensory Garden, with a design managed by DCR and developed with the assistance of the Perkins School, as well as improvements to the site’s riverbank, pathways, and landscape.   A signalized crossing at the Irving Street-Charles River Road intersection will be among the improvements made.

Phase 2 of the project will include pathway improvements and riverbank access and restoration along the area located on either side of the Phase 1 area, running upstream to the recently-restored Watertown Landing site at Watertown Square and downstream to the Watertown Yacht Club.

New Charter Airline on Martha’s Vineyard

Air carrier, Jannus Air, will operate seasonally out the Martha’s Vineyard Airport making travel throughout New England and the Northeast quick, efficient and affordable. Airline and flight features include:

Apex Center of New England
Fall 2017, Marlborough, MA
The first state-of-the-art hospitality, retail, entertainment, and office complex of its kind, Apex Center of New England offers 2 hotels, 6 restaurants, retails, and Apex Entertainment, which is New England’s largest indoor entertainment center: indoor kart racing, golf & sports simulators, ropes course, laser tag, arcade, extreme bumper cars, luxury candlepin bowling.